Guide to the Top Must-Have Hotel and B&B Amenities

Guide to the Top Must-Have Hotel and B&B Amenities

Guide to the Top Must-Have Hotel and B&B Amenities

In today’s constant reviewing culture, the parameters of the basics hotels are supposed to cater for are shifting, and so are the prices you pay for not doing so – it doesn’t take much for your hotel to end up with a poor review on Trip Advisor!

And the hospitality sector has changed so much in recent years. These days, how does an actual B&B set itself apart from an Airbnb?

And whether you’re a small, family-run operation or a five-star resort, how do you keep guests feeling properly catered to, and what really matters to them? In this article, we’ll tell you how – and relax, it’s simple. Let me explain.

The most important thing to bear in mind is this: people who stay in hotels are called guests for a reason. They may be paying customers, but the hotel’s relationship to them is different from other customer-provider dynamics.

If they’re sleeping in your establishment, they want to feel relaxed and cared for. Below, we’ve laid out the four pillars of a satisfying stay – and they apply to everyone, from the cutest cottage to the glitziest hotel.



First up in any list of crucial hotel supplies should be toiletries. Probably the biggest development in the past decade for short- and mid-haul travellers is luggage restrictions, in particular on toiletries. This is really important, and people across the sector really do notice.

Imagine you’re a couple who have come to a bed and breakfast, flying with only carry-ons and therefore minimal – or perhaps even no – shampoo and shower gel. You would want your accommodation not only to provide toiletries which actually do the job, but enough of them.

Endlessly massaging a tiny bottle of shampoo is neither relaxing for a guest, nor does it reflect well on the overall establishment – it gives off a stingy vibe and may not even do the job.

Because small bottles of toiletries are a good way of minimising waste, the best solution is to have a bathroom cupboard generously stocked with refills, as having to ask is embarrassing.

More importantly, show you’re thinking of everyone by including a hypoallergenic or sensitive skin range for children. They also shouldn’t be too complicated in terms of smell: gender neutral, natural scents with herbal associations do the trick, and make your guests feel clean and refreshed.



The same spirit of generosity should apply to things as seemingly basic as towels. Think of the variety of guests a hotel receives: there are couples on romantic holidays, families, people on business trips, or conference attendees who may be sharing rooms with people they don’t know but have recently met in a professional capacity.

The towel provision should reflect this: they should be large bath towels (for a professional clientele, this will minimise any awkwardness; for a vacationing one, it will feel luxurious. They should be soft and fluffy, and never kept in circulation until nearing thread bareness.

By giving your guests bath towels, you’ll distance yourself from small towels too closely associated with disposable paper towels, and you’re more likely to succeed in encouraging them to reuse them – which is a win for your laundry capacity, and the environment! And if you have a pool (a major contributing factor in hotel choice for leisure travellers), you’ll want to provide designated beach towels too.



Let’s talk about bedding! It’s a sad stereotype of many low- to mid-range hotels that bedlinens are faded and dated, with passé patterns. Avoid this problem altogether by only using plain sheets.

You can still make use of bright colours, but this is more sustainable too: you won’t be throwing your bedding out every time it goes out of style, and you’ll achieve a more timeless look and brand. It really is a win-win.

A photograph of a bed on your website, made up in linens which look like they’re from the 80s, can cause an immediate hard pass from browsers choosing a hotel. Avoid this with the catch-all good taste of timeless linens.

In-room Food & Drink

In-room food and drink guest amenities are famously the pinch-point for many a hotel guest. Here stereotypes of the outrageously-priced minibar abound, and you want to avoid them at all costs!

It goes back to what we said about toiletries: you do NOT want your guests feeling they’ve been skimped on/squeezed dry like a tiny shampoo bottle for every penny. So the minibar should be stocked with free bottled water, alongside a small range of well-priced items as well.

And as for coffee and tea? Crucial! A proper, stainless steel kettle gives a much better impression than a plastic one; and real ceramic mugs set the right tone. It’s also an opportunity to reinforce your overall aesthetic: you want your kitchenware and appliances to match the other hotel equipment in the communal areas.

What’s Next?

As you can see, guests – whether they’re travelling for business or pleasure – have pretty straightforward needs when it comes to hotel guest supplies: comfort and the feeling they’re getting good value for money. Meet them, and you’ll be rewarded with good reviews, steady bookings, and return business – good luck!

Need some help getting your hotel or Bed & Breakfast 5-star review worthy? Stanlee Hospitality have everything you need to keep guests at the pinnacle of comfort; from heavenly smelling toiletries, to plush towels, to coffee and tea essentials, we’ve got all the hotel guest amenities you need.

Stop into our Osborne Park, Perth showroom to browse our extensive stock or get in touch today!


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