CHAFO Eco-BurnerFuel Holder Unit

CHAFO Eco-BurnerFuel Holder Unit$156.09 inc.



What is Eco Burner?
A new and revolutionary approach for the provision of portable heat for chafing dishes in the hotel and catering industry. Designed to be the perfect ‘drop-in’ replacement for gels and wicks, it overcomes all of the problems associated with heating chafing dishes by traditional methods. The patented safety features of the eco-burner Chafo means it is safer, greener and cleaner. It gives greater control and removes waste unlike traditional gels and wicks.

Designed For Safety:

Eco Burner will shut off if overturned and will not spill
Remains cool to touch throughout service
Shuts off automatically if the water pan runs dry
Complies with Carbon Monoxide regulations
Huge Carbon Footprint Reduction

Ecoburner’s chafing system has been independently tested by Carbon Footprint who have verified that there is a greater than 75% reduction in your carbon emissions when you switch from traditional chafing fuels to the Ecoburner Chafo. DOWNLOAD INDEPENDENT REPORT

Great Cost Savings

Because there is ZERO FUEL WASTE there are some significant savings to be made.

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