ZEXA Sure Shield Liquid Hand Sanitiser 5L

ZEXA Sure Shield Liquid Hand Sanitiser 5L$49.93 inc.

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Made in Australia with TGA Approval:

Zexa Sure Shield Hand Sanitiser is an alcohol-free liquid hand sanitiser that dries without leaving your hands greasy.

Whilst strong enough to kill germs fast, Sure Shield contains moisturisers to help leave your hands soft, refreshed and hygienically clean and remains active for longer on skin than alcohol gels.

Directions for use:
Best when decanted from the 5L bulk pack into hand dispensers (reuse empty hand gel/detergent pump packs or sauce bottles eg tomato sauce squeeze bottle!)

Dispense a small amount onto hands. Rub thoroughly over all surfaces of both hands. Do not rinse. Rub hands together briskly until dry.

Key features and benefits:

Alcohol free – Does not dry your hands and cause cracking and skin damage and low vapour kind to sensitive noses
Low pH – matches the natural condition of your skin
Can be dispensed by spray or foaming pump pack
Enriched with glycerine – replenishes the natural oils removed during sanitising process
Non-Flammable – Safe
Keeps Active Longer – less application of product
Safe – Both to end user and the environment.

In these unprecedented times, the regulations around testing hand sanitiser products have
been relaxed. However, we understand the concerns of you, the community, regarding the
possibility that some products being rushed to market, including an influx of imported
products, might not be reliable.

Zexa value your trust in their production , and while they knew thei new Sure Shield Hand Sanitiser was effective
and satisfied the requirements of the TGA standards for sanitisation, your peace of mind in
these trying times is important to us, so they went the extra mile and had our product
independently lab tested to verify its credentials.
Here’s how Sure Shield works:
Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAC) has been used for decades in hospitals for its
antimicrobial and disinfectant properties and is widely acknowledged as a perfectly acceptable
alternative to alcohol.

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