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Design and Projects

Our team can help assist your design requirements to help set up your kitchen and plan optimal workflow.

We know how fast paced life in the hospitality business can be, and when you’re running short on items, be it bar supplies, kitchenware, appliances, cleaning products or other consumables – there’s simply no time to waste.

At Stanlee we make it easy for you to find quality hospitality, catering and hotel supplies in a snap. We also keep our feelers out for new products across supply categories, saving you time, while ensuring that favourite models and brands are always on hand and available for fast delivery to your door.

As a longstanding supplier to hospitality and catering outfits across Perth, we delight in bringing quality, reliable products to your busy venue, at the best prices we can muster. Our stock is also viewable in person at our showroom – just pay us a visit. We’re around to help!

design and projects

Packaging Supplies

From paper bags to pizza boxes, takeaway containers (standard or enviro friendly) of all sizes to disposable cutlery and napkins – we keep your restaurant or food service operation sufficiently stocked with all you’ll possibly need to keep customers smiling as the orders roll in.

Cleaning Supplies

Our range of commercial cleaning supplies is extensive, serving your kitchenware washing, oven and other commercial appliance cleaning requirements. We stock more sponges, scourers, dishcloths and all-round cleaning products (for kitchens, bathrooms – and even bins) than you can poke your mop at!

Barware Supplies

First impressions matter, so we know how important it is to have barware and accessories match the vibe and style that your bar, nightclub or restaurant works so hard to create. We keep an extensive selection of glassware and bartending products on hand just for you, be sure to take a look.

Restaurant Supplies

Fit out your kitchen with top-quality commercial cooking equipment. We give you value, reliability and reputable brands at affordable prices. Shop our range online or visit our showroom to view in person – we stock everything you need to transform raw ingredients to raving foodie reviews.

Hotel Supplies

When sourcing furniture, fixtures and finishes for your hotel, and guest supplies, you’re looking for linen, accessories and appliances to give your guests the ultimate atmosphere. Our specialised hotel supplies will help you build more bookings as guests keep returning to stay with you.

Chef Uniforms

Of course your kitchen staff need to look as ‘on point’ as the fabulous food they’re plating up, but when it comes to uniforms it can be difficult knowing where to start! Our choice of chef uniforms are high quality, professional-looking and project just the right image you’re after.

Café Supplies

If your café is like many others, you no doubt churn through supplies faster than a coffee bean turns to powder in a whirring grounder! We keep a solid supply of café-required furniture, crockery, appliances, accessories and disposables on hand to meet your café’s fast-moving needs.

Glassware Supplies

Covering all bases, we set our sights on stocking a range of diverse and durable glassware styles to suit a wide variety of venues and purposes. Across our range you’ll find stylish glass drinkware from which to serve up the perfect latte to a welcome after-dinner lemoncello.

Cutlery Supplies

We’ve the appropriate cutlery supplies to compliment your environment, from hardwearing brands across casual dining to expert stainless steel designs to suit a fine dining ambience, there’s really a world of choice. If you’re unsure where to start – our team can help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Crockery Supplies

Whether you’re keen on traditional porcelain, fine china or the modern angular look of Asian fusion ceramic - our crockery collection holds the best that today’s brands have to offer. You’ll find platters, jugs, serving bowls plates, bowls, cups or mugs in stunning styles and colours to suit.

Catering Equipment

Let us kit you out with all the items you need to make your catering business soar. As your one-stop-catering-shop, Stanlee supports you by ensuring we keep on hand all you need to serve up a storm. With access to our huge range of supplies, your catering success is half-way there!

Hospitality Supplies

Wherever you stand in the guest service process, Stanlee is right beside you! We pride ourselves on being Perth’s leading supplier of hospitality goods to WA restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, bars, taverns and pubs. If you're in the guest-serving business, then let us serve you!

Kitchen Supplies

With a wide range of quality cookware, bakeware, culinary utensils, preparation and food service equipment to choose from, shopping with Stanlee is a hassle-free way to acquire your commercial kitchen appliances, supplies and equipment in one easy location – either online or in person. We set out to ease your procurement needs, so you can get on with what you do best.

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