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Revol Porcelain is a 250-year-old manufacturer in France. They’ve been making some of the most versatile porcelain creations in Europe since their beginning in 1768. Their incredible range of cookware, bakeware, and dinnerware will leave you scrolling through their website for hours. Directly inspired by the national and international chefs who love it, Revol Porcelain is the brand chosen by food enthusiasts, professional chefs, and passionate hosts around the world.

Revol Porcelain is one of the most high-quality, versatile porcelain manufacturers in Europe. They use 100% recyclable clay. Despite their impressive 250-year-old history, they are always creating and innovating to stay at the top of their game. For example, they’re constantly expanding on their thermal shock-resistant design to ensure you have no problem going from freezer-to-oven-to-table. 

Trusted by professionals across multiple industries, Revol Porcelain products can be found in restaurants, hospitals, banquets, and kitchens around the world. With their undeniable reputation, you can make your purchase with confidence knowing your new dinnerware will last. Purchasing Revol Porcelain products is a great investment for any culinary enthusiast who wants to cook, bake, and serve their dishes with impeccable style.