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Zuma is known for creating natural and comfortable crockery. Their nature-centric style incorporates earthy colours and tones, perfect for anyone looking to cook and host guests in a homey environment. This Malaysian made dinnerware is both highly affordable, and almost always in stock despite their high demand. The brand has become incredibly popular, used frequently in cafes and restaurants across the world, especially for share-platter style dining.

Fairly priced and made with care, Zuma crockery never disappoints. Their collection has the standard bowls and plates, while also including more fun and unusual types of dinnerware, such as a tapas plate, their Spanish dish, and a rice bowl. Their crockery comes in several earthy tones and colours, including bluestone, mineral, charcoal, frost, and mint. They’re perfect for mixing and matching to suit your own personal space and aesthetic.

Zuma is one of the most affordable crockery brands on the market, especially for those looking to redesign their kitchen or dining area. Zuma is also the ideal brand for more environmentally conscious consumers, as their crockery is made with once-fired technology, which is considered to be a more environmentally friendly method than the processes used by their competitors.