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How To Choose The Right Glassware

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Glassware is an essential part of every hospitality venue. Whether you manage a sports bar or a five-star restaurant, it’s important to purchase glassware that complements the drink you’re serving. The shape, quality and thickness of the glass all play a part in preserving and enhancing the taste of your chosen beverage. 

Beer Glasses 

A pint is commonly regarded as a standard size beer in Perth and is quite often served in a nonic pint glass. There are several reasons why this particular glass has become a staple in pubs and restaurants. The wide mouth allows customers to enjoy more liquid per mouthful while the bulge that sits just below the lip of the glass helps prevent accidents. It was found that some beer glasses became slippery when condensation accumulated on the outside – the nonic addressed this issue by introducing a glass you can grip. The bulge also helps to prevent any damage to the rim of the glass should it be knocked over.

If you’re serving boutique beer, you’ll want to add some variety to your commercial glassware selection. Here are a few suggestions when choosing beer glasses.

Pilsner – a tall, tapered glass creates a nice visual as it allows the bubbles to rise to the top. The slimmer shape also shows off the clarity of the beer. 

Full-bodied ales – a tulip-shaped glass is perfect for locking in the aroma of the full-bodied beer. The short stem allows drinkers to hold the glass without warming up the beer.

European beers – the classic beer mug is a popular choice for European beers as the glass thickness helps to insulate the beverage. Like stemmed beer glasses, the handle prevents the customer from warming the beer up with their hands.

Beer Glass Brands

Arcoroc | Crown/Pasabahce | Libbey | Bormioli Rocco | 


Wine Glasses

Be assured. The shape and size of a wine glass makes a big difference to the overall taste. At Stanlee Hospitality Supplies, we carry a vast range of wine glasses to ensure your customers experience the full flavour of their chosen wine.  

Red Wine

Red wine needs time to breathe before being consumed. While it’s common to open a bottle of red wine 30 minutes or an hour before drinking to aerate the wine, the glass you choose will also play a big part to aerate or enhance the flavour of the wine. 

Full-bodied red wine – Choose a taller glass with a wide mouth to give the wine more exposure to oxygen and help calm the flavours. 

Light-bodied red wine – These are best served in a shorter glass with a wider bowl which helps to collect the subtle aromas. 

Delicate & spicy red wine – A tall glass with a narrow mouth will soften the spicy flavour.

White Wine

White wine glasses are typically smaller than red wine glasses. The smaller glasses help to keep the wine at a cooler temperature for longer. 

Light-bodied white wine – White wines like Riesling or Semillon should be served in a glass with a small bowl and straight long sides to maintain the cool temperature and concentrate the floral aroma.

Full-bodied white wine – A stronger flavoured white, like Chardonnay is better served in a glass with a wider mouth.  

Sparkling Wine  

While most people expect to be served sparkling wine in flutes, it’s not suited to all varieties. A wine glass with a wider bowl and smaller mouth is ideal to collect the aromas while still showing off a display of bubbles.  

Wine Glass Brands

Rona | Crown/Pasabahce | Schott Zwiesel 


Spirit & Cocktail Glasses

Your bar or restaurant will need to stock a range of spirit and cocktail glasses to satisfy your customer’s tastes. For spirits, you’ll commonly have a mix of highball and lowball glasses, while cocktail glasses come in a range of sizes and shapes. Make sure you consider glass thickness, as it will play a big part in maintaining the temperature of your drink. 

Spirit Glasses 

Highball glasses – This is the glass for those who like their spirits with a little more mixer.

Lowball glasses – Also known as a tumbler, lowball glasses are more suited to those who prefer their drinks straight or with minimal mixer. 

Cocktail glasses – Whether it’s a shot glass or a wide-mouthed martini glass, cocktails should be served in specific glasses. It will help to maintain the liquid temperature or increase the aroma.    

Spirit Glass Brands

Duralex | Rona | Libbey | Bormioli Rocco | Spiegelau


How to order your Glassware

Perth Metro Customers

Browse through our product ranges and place your order via the online shop.

Our warehouse will begin processing your order immediately and, if all items are in stock, your goods will be despatched for next day delivery*.

If goods are out of stock, and delivery will be delayed more than a week, we will email or phone you to advise you of the delay or alternative product options.

You can also visit our wholesale showroom/warehouse at 79 Walters Drive, Osborne Park, WA 6017, and speak to our sales team.

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WA Country & Interstate Orders

Wherever you are in Australia, we’ll get your products to you promptly.

Once you’ve placed an order via our online shop, you can choose to: 

  • Pick the goods up 
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  • Have the goods delivered to you using our third-party courier – average rates start at $38 and are based on a standard consignment size. 

Freight charges may vary depending on the size of the order.

If anything changes, we will contact you with an updated price before the order is processed and before your payment is charged.

You can also place an order over the phone or via email. if this suits you better. 

Payment can be made with a credit card, or you can request we send an invoice first, and complete a bank-to-bank payment before your goods are despatched.

** Please note there is a minimum $27.50 + GST delivery and handling charge for delivery to transport depots within the Perth Metro area.

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