Australian Fine China

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Australian Fine China (AFC) is the perfect combination of Australian design and both porcelain  Bone China manufacturing. Although they’re now entirely made in the Far-East, they were at one time manufactured, and very popular, across Australia. The great designs and comprehensive range of styles are still here after decades, but now with even more reliability and quality materials.

The best thing about AFC is its large appeal across multiple industries. Beloved by cafes and restaurants, AFC is also popular in institutional and healthcare facilities. Their clean and classic style is incredibly appealing to anyone looking for elegant and professional, high-quality crockery.

AFC is also known for being a go-to brand for banquets and other larger-scale events. That’s why they offer dinnerware specifically for that purpose. AFC’s clean and reliable banquet dishes include cups, saucers, plates, and bowls. For convenience, they’re stackable, extra-durable, and come in a wide variety of sizes. AFC products are also highly affordable when bought in bulk, making them a favourite among organisers of events of all sizes.