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Churchill is a longstanding brand in the crockery industry, and its reputation has only improved over the years. First established in 1795, Churchill has been bringing innovative, high performance, pin fired products that meet and surpass industry expectations again and again. As one of the only UK manufacturers to invest in new designs, colours, and styles to keep up to date with new innovations and trends, it’s no surprise that Churchill and its products have stood the test of time.

Their amazing and diverse collections of dinnerware each have their own individual strengths to accommodate the wants and needs of any customer. Their refined Bamboo collection and striking, oval-shaped Orbit collection are known for their effortless enhancement of meal presentation. They also have a beautiful, artisan pottery style line called Monochrome, and a ‘Bit on the Side’ collection for side dish dinnerware. 

No matter what kind of crockery you’re looking for, Churchill has it in several different styles and colours. With over 200 years of passion and experience behind them, this proudly British brand has proven their dedication and high standards with the utmost consistency. Here’s to another 200 years of expertly crafted crockery!