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Commercial Kitchenware for Perth Restaurants

hotel or restaurant kitchen cooking

Commercial kitchenware covers everything from utensils to bakeware. As with any product used for commercial purposes, kitchenware should be of the highest quality. At Stanlee Hospitality Supplies, our extensive range of commercial kitchenware has been hand-selected to withstand the demanding environment of professional kitchens. Whether you operate a bustling restaurant or cosy cafe you’ll find our products offer premium quality and durability. 

Gastronorm Pans (Bain Marie Trays/ Dixie’s): Suitable for cooking, storage and serving, these pans are engineered to withstand the rigours of a commercial kitchen’s temperature extremes.

Utensils: Our selection offers precision and ergonomic comfort, ensuring every flip, stir and carve is performed with confidence.

Measuring & Scales: Our measuring instruments and scales ensure that perfection is not left to chance, delivering consistency across every recipe.

Pizza & Pasta: Perfect the art of Italian cooking with our specialised tools for pizza and pasta. These essential items promise to uphold the tradition of these timeless dishes.

Victorinox Knives & Accessories: Renowned for their precision, Victorinox knives and accessories are a testament to Swiss craftsmanship, offering unparalleled sharpness and longevity.

Fry Baskets & Strainers: Achieve golden perfection with our fry baskets and strainers, designed for ease of use and consistent quality.

Thermometers: Ensure your dishes reach their full potential with our accurate and responsive thermometers, a vital tool for food safety and culinary excellence.

Baking & Roasting Pans: Our baking and roasting pans are the canvases on which bakers and chefs create their masterpieces, designed for even heat distribution and reliability.

Cutting Boards: We offer a good range of colour-coded cutting boards to help with your food preparation and prevent cross-contamination.

Mixing Bowls: Vital for combining ingredients to perfection. Our range of mixing bowls are sturdy and easy to clean.

Bakeware and Pastry: From flaky pastries to moist cakes, our bakeware brands ensure every batch is baked to perfection.

Warewashing Racks: Efficient cleaning is as important as cooking. Our warewashing racks streamline the cleaning process, ensuring quick turnaround and impeccable hygiene standards.

Stanlee Hospitality Supplies is committed to providing the best in kitchenware, with brands that resonate with the quality and resilience demanded by Perth’s culinary professionals. Our products, from our robust Gastronorm pans to the precision of Victorinox, are selected to ensure your kitchen’s performance is nothing short of excellent. Explore our range and find out how our kitchenware can transform your culinary creations.

How To Order Crockery

Perth Metro Customers

Browse through our product ranges and place your order via the online shop.

Our warehouse will begin processing your order immediately and, if all items are in stock, your goods will be despatched for next day delivery*.

If goods are out of stock and delivery will be delayed more than a week, we will email or phone you to advise you of the delay or alternative product options.

You can also visit our wholesale showroom/warehouse at 79 Walters Drive, Osborne Park, WA 6017, and speak to our sales team.

*Orders must be placed by 12pm to allow for packing time.

WA Country & Interstate Orders

Wherever you are in Australia, we’ll get your products to you promptly. Once you’ve placed an order via our online shop, you can choose to: 

  • Pick the goods up 
  • Have a nominated courier pick them up 
  • Have the goods delivered to your nominated transport company’s depot in the Perth Metro area** 
  • Have the goods delivered to you using our third-party courier – average rates start at $38 and are based on a standard consignment size. 

Freight charges may vary depending on the size of the order.

If anything changes, we will contact you with an updated price before the order is processed and before your payment is charged.

You can also place an order over the phone or via email. if this suits you better. 

Payment can be made with a credit card, or you can request we send an invoice first and complete a bank-to-bank payment before your goods are despatched.

** Please note there is a minimum $27.50 + GST delivery and handling charge for delivery to transport depots within the Perth Metro area.

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