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Quality Packaging Supplies Perth

Paper box for takeaway dishes on a cafe counter

With more and more people choosing to ‘order out and eat in’, the need for quality packaging supplies in Perth is increasing. Choosing the correct food packaging will ensure your restaurant, café or takeaway outlet maintains a safe level of food safety. Aside from the standard food safety practices, you may also want to consider the impact your food packaging has on the environment and explore what eco-friendly alternatives are available. Contact the team at Stanlee to find out which packaging products are best for your business.

Kitchen Disposables 

We stock a wide range of kitchen disposables for commercial kitchens. From vacuum bags to bin liners, cake boards to paper towels, Stanlee supplies all the essential disposable products you need. We also sell disposable food labelling stickers. Remember, food labelling is an essential part of your compliance with food safety legislation. Whether you need to label stock rotations or preparation dates for ingredients, we have all the food safety labels you need. You cannot afford to risk cross contaminating food, so ensure you have the proper kitchen disposables on hand.     

Takeaway Packaging

Takeaway packaging comes in all shapes, sizes and materials. These can include cardboard pizza boxes, aluminium foil containers and a range of eco-friendly products. It’s vital to remember that takeaway packaging should be specific to the food you’re offering. For example, if you’re serving hot, oily food you should ensure that it’s served in thick, absorbent packaging. Using incorrect packaging will create handling issues for your customers and potentially, health problems. Packaging hot foods in cheap, thin plastic takeaway containers may cause chemicals from the plastic to leach into the food. To better understand what takeaway packaging is best for your business, contact the team Stanlee.

Disposable Drinkware

Australians love their coffee and the desire for that morning hit is only growing. If you serve takeaway coffee, Stanlee supplies generic black coffee cups or you may prefer plain white cups that you can add your branding to. Paper straws and drink holders are also available in our disposable drinkware range.

Disposable Bathroom

Paper towels and paper tissue is a necessity for every dine-in food outlet. At Stanlee, we supply quality, affordable bathroom disposables from leading commercial brands. 

Disposable Tabletop

Every food business serving the public will need to supply napkins and, potentially, disposable utensils like knives and forks. Stanlee provides affordable, quality disposable tabletop items in a variety of quantities. Our napkins are available in single and double ply and we also supply quality napkin dispensers. 

Food Service Disposables

At Stanlee, we offer a variety of food service disposables for in-house and take-home dining. This range included eco-friendly wooden dishes, containers and utensils. As the world moves away from single-use plastic products, it is up to suppliers, like us, to source affordable replacements. Bamboo packaging has increased in popularity as it is sustainably sourced and is a biodegradable product. Once harvested, Bamboo trees regenerate at a rapid rate. As for the finished product, bamboo packaging is well suited to both hot and cold foods. While we aim to avoid waste at all costs, it’s fair to say that disposable food products are here to stay. We need to be selective about the products we choose and ensure that they are in the best interests of the food supplier, the customer and the environment.

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