RAK Porcelain

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Made with cutting edge production technology, RAK Porcelain crockery is created in state of the art manufacturing systems to ensure they last you a lifetime. Manufactured in the UAE, RAK Porcelain is meticulously designed with great passion and attention to detail. With these qualities and more, their collections are popular among restaurants, banquets, and other professional establishments, however, their beautiful designs have established RAK Porcelain as an industry leader for their appeal to hotels in particular.

The beautiful simplicity of RAK Porcelain’s crockery sets them apart from other brands. Their timeless style allows them to be passed down through generations. This isn’t to say that RAK Porcelain isn’t innovative; they’re constantly updating and putting out new crockery collections for their customers to choose from. 

RAK Porcelain currently has a number of crockery sets available in Australia, including Nanu Cru, Neo Fusion, Ronda, and Vintage, each one with its own style and creative flair. Given the wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, they make great gifts for a loved one. Their variety also makes them ideal for restaurants who want dinnerware that will flawlessly match their individual aesthetic.