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Catering and Commercial Kitchen Equipment

chefs in commercial kitchen

Choosing the right catering equipment for your commercial kitchen can come down to three factors:

Quality of equipment – You need products that can perform day-in-day-out and offer longevity. We understand that when you’re running a restaurant,  cafe or any type of catering business, speed and reliability are equally important.

Price and range – We offer Perth businesses a range of price and product options. Thankfully, our buying power allows us to supply top quality catering equipment, and top brand products at affordable prices.

Knowledge of the supplier – There are a multitude of brands to choose from, but it takes an educated supplier to know which products are worth selling. Our team only selects the highest quality products that will become an investment, rather than an expense, for your business.

As Perth’s leading kitchen and catering equipment supplier, Stanlee is dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction. We are continually updating our services and take great care in selecting the finest products. 

Who we supply to

Many of Perth’s restaurants, cafes and event organisers choose Stanlee for their front and back of house products. Being able to log on to one site and choose everything you need saves an enormous amount of time. 

We also supply to the mining industry, both onshore and offshore. Educational organisations, healthcare facilities and supermarkets all use us for their day-to-day needs.  

Some of the brands we supply

As a commercial based business, you’re going to need commercial-grade products. If you’re new to the hospitality industry, some of these brand names may not be familiar. The brands that we source and supply are the best of the best and have been designed to withstand the vigorous commercial kitchen environment.

  • Bromic
  • Cambro
  • Cooktek
  • Crown
  • Eswood
  • Goldstein
  • Lacor
  • Rational
  • Vitamix
  • Hoshizaki
  • Electrolux
  • Luus
  • Metro
  • Robot Coupe
  • Woodson
  • Frymaster
  • Trespade
  • Norris
  • Roband

They are just a handful of the brands we stock. You can explore the full range on this page or contact us to find out what brand is best suited to your requirements.

Commercial kitchen layout 

When installing commercial kitchen appliances or any type of commercial kitchen equipment, you need to consider the layout of the kitchen. If you’re unsure on the best way to plan your space, we can assist you to create the optimal working environment.

Health and safety 

Whether you’re warming, chilling or storing food, you need to ensure your equipment is meeting health and safety standards. A low-quality refrigeration unit or food warmer can cost you dearly if it isn’t doing its job. You can trust the brands we supply will perform as expected, keeping both you and your customers happy.

What every commercial kitchen needs more of

Storage is something all commercial kitchens need plenty of. Simple shelving units can make a huge difference in a commercial kitchen. When you’re working in a fast-paced environment, you need everything easily accessible and in view.  

In fact, anything that speeds up the process in a commercial kitchen is worth its weight in gold. Whether it’s a washer that gives you a sparkling clean finish or extra bench space that allows you to prep food faster, it’s a worthwhile investment.

If you want to find out more about the range of catering and kitchen equipment available, contact Stanlee Hospital Supplies. As one of Perth’s biggest kitchenware suppliers, the team at Stanlee are always available to assist you and help locate the products you need.

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