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Luzerne is the brand to buy dinnerware from if you love a handcrafted look. Their delicate, sophisticated designs bring charm to any table they’re served on. Luzerne’s intricate designs and gentle colours beautifully showcase the vibrancy and texture of any meal. This has made them a favourite brand for passionate chefs and eager hosts that want to serve visually stunning food with ease.

Luzerne is a part of Singapore’s most established ceramics company, Hiap Huat Holdings, which was founded over 30 years ago. Their ceramic pieces are made with high-quality indigenous kaolin clay and are fired at blazing temperatures by a team of over 800 expert artisans in Dehua, China. With the amount of time and passion it takes to make Luzerne crockery, it’s no surprise that many order their products in part to have them as beautiful, decorative pieces in their kitchen or dining rooms. Luzerne dinnerware is distinct from their competitors due to the attention to detail and high standards that are set for every product they put out onto the market.

This collection is affordably priced, especially when you take into account the level of craftsmanship required to bring these pieces to life. As a brand trusted by hotels, airlines, restaurants, and homeowners on both a national and international scale, purchasing from Luzerne is always a safe bet.