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Bonna is a relatively new manufacturer, but it’s already making a name for itself with its gorgeous design aesthetics, scratch-resistant glazes, and delicate colours. Manufactured in Turkey, Bonna is an up and coming crockery brand that offers its customers products made with raw materials from around the world, sophisticated designs, and amazing product performance standards. 

Bonna is an accessible brand to people of all wants and needs. Their crockery makes a great addition to every cafe, restaurant, hospital, retirement home, banquet, and kitchen. They also have accessible prices, allowing customers to buy products individually or in packs for their convenience. 

One of the best things about Bonna is that they manufacture so many different crockery products. This includes teapots, plates, and bowls, but also more original pieces such as oval plates, flat plates, an angled vanta bowl, and a series of dinnerware that is designed to look just like a shell. They somehow manage to create timeless designs in a new and innovative way every time. 

Bonna’s tranquil colour palette includes aqua blue, passion red, terracotta, therapy green, coral, dusk, grain, and odette. Each individual colour brings a unique charm to every piece of Bonna dinnerware. Their cool and peaceful vibe makes them suitable for mixing and matching, as different colours bring out different qualities and details in the meals you serve.