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Cleaning Supplies Perth

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

Stanlee is Perth’s premier supplier of cleaning equipment for the hospitality industry. We supply industrial grade cleaning supplies for restaurants/cafes, commercial kitchens, aged care/health care facilities and the mining industry.    

All of our kitchen cleaning products are carefully selected to adhere to industry safety standards, while also ensuring maximum speed and efficiency while cleaning.

Wet/Dry Cleaning 

Our wet, dry and wet/dry vacuums are selected for their versatility, longevity and performance. These machines are made by some of the world’s leading brands and are designed for commercial use. We also supply industrial size brooms, mops and buckets. Remember, removing loose dirt from surfaces is the first step to creating a sanitised, germ free environment.

Chemical Cleaning

We offer a wide range of chemicals for cleaning back of house and front of house areas. When sanitising zones with customers present, you can choose one of our disinfectants with a pine deodoriser. This provides a fresh fragrance while ensuring your customers are dining in a germ-free environment. 

When handling any type of chemicals, safety equipment is essential. At a minimum, you should wear safety glasses, a protective mask and disposable gloves.

Waste Management

From hands-free waste disposal units to colour coded bins – Stanlee offers a wide range of products for waste management. Spills and breakages are a common occurrence in dining areas, it is essential that you have all the necessary equipment on-hand to clean the area promptly and dispose of the materials safely.  

Cleaning and Sanitising

To effectively sanitise a surface, you’ll need to adopt the two-step process. Remove the dirt and grime then kill the germs. If you skip one step or mix up the order, you won’t get the desired result. Using a clean disposable cloth, you should start removing dirt from the cleanest area first. It’s also best practice to wear gloves so that you aren’t transferring germs onto the cleaning cloth.  For a full outline of how to clean and sanitise a surface, refer to our Hygiene Guide

Personal Health and Hygiene

Personal hygiene in the workplace is more important than ever. We stock all the essential supplies for cleaning and sanitising – both for workers and customers. Our range also includes soap and sanitiser dispensers, that can be displayed either front of house or back of house.  If you’d like to display ‘how to’ guides for cleaning hands and sanitising, you can download our free printable guides.  

Why choose Stanlee for your cleaning supplies

Our online shop makes it easy to order your goods as you need. We supply industrial grade products in industrial sizes – that means you don’t have to order as frequently and you save more buying in bulk.  

Some of the cleaning brands  we stock include:

  • Oates
  • Able Westchem
  • Rubbermaid
  • Trust
  • Pall Mall

For more information on cleaning and sanitising in the workplace, download a free copy of our Hygiene Guide. This easy to follow guide covers everything from personal hygiene to effective cleaning around the workplace to safe food packaging.

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