Coffee & Tea Essentials

We’re lucky in Perth and Australia that we have such a strong café scene. To help you continue to contribute to this uniquely Australian scene, your café needs to be stocked with cafe supplies like high-quality coffee essentials and tea essentials.

Stanlee Hospitality offers well-respected brands for tea and coffee supplies. We’ve got all the tools, accessories and café supplies your baristas and kitchen staff need.

Whether you want a more hands-on espresso coffee machine supported by the best barista tools or an automatic coffee machine that does all the hard work for you, we can organise a coffee machine for your cafe that best suits the quality, style, and design needs of your café.

All of this means that you can relax knowing your single or double shot of hot espresso will be beautifully delivered by your machine, with milk that’s frothed to perfection.

We’ve got everything you need to furnish a 5-star café: from water pitchers, glasses, cups and mugs for serving, to an array of kitchenware to meet your catering needs. The first-class commercial quality of our brewing accessories, equipment and supplies mean that they’re perfect for enjoying in your home or office too.

Stanlee Hospitality’s shop has a wide range of everything café and coffee related, and we’d love to help if you’re looking for coffee machines Perth or other wholesale café supplies. Browse our supplies or get in touch for more information!