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How To Choose Crockery For Your Restaurant

Choosing the right crockery for your restaurant involves more than selecting plates and bowls, it’s about striking a perfect balance between functionality and style. It’s important to ensure each piece enhances your customer’s dining experience. In this article, we delve into how your choice of crockery can be used to build your restaurant’s identity and complement culinary offerings.

Understanding Your Restaurant’s Theme and Style

Crockery Plates

Your restaurant’s brand will significantly influence your choice of crockery. Fine dining establishments require elegant, high-quality materials that exude sophistication. In contrast, casual dining focuses on durable, versatile plates suitable for a variety of menu items. Cafés and bistros should consider crockery with unique designs and pops of colour, adding personality to each food or coffee beverage served.

How Do You Select The Right Crockery Material

The material of your crockery is just as important as its design. Each material offers different benefits:

Porcelain: Perfect for fine dining, porcelain combines a delicate appearance with durability. White porcelain crockery can be a timeless addition, enhancing the elegance of hospitality settings.

Stoneware: These materials suit a rustic, homey feel, common in cafes and casual dining spots. The plate or coffee cup’s feel is as important as its function.

Melamine: For high-traffic restaurants, including commercial kitchen settings, melamine offers durability at an affordable price.

Choosing Crockery Colours and Designs

Crockery Dishes

The colours and patterns of your crockery can either complement or contrast with your food presentation. Neutral colours like white are versatile, highlighting the food’s appeal. Bold or patterned designs can elevate the ‘theme’ experience of your eatery, aligning with your restaurant’s overall aesthetic.

Consider a range of plates and bowls to cater to different dishes, from small appetisers to large mains. Specialty crockery, like sushi plates and pizza stones, are ideal when catering to specific cuisines.

Quality, Durability and Sustainability

In the demanding environment of a restaurant, choosing crockery that withstands daily use and frequent washing is essential. High-quality crockery, while more expensive upfront, offers longevity and savings over time. Increasingly, eco-friendly plates made from bamboo or recycled materials are becoming popular, benefiting the environment and appealing to environmentally conscious customers.

Budget Vs Value Crockery

Your budget plays a crucial role in selecting crockery. Remember, investing in quality crockery enhances the dining experience and reflects positively on your restaurant. Balancing cost, quality and the image you wish to portray is key.

A dependable crockery supplier, like Stanlee Hospitality Supplies, can offer insights into the latest trends and deliver value with bulk buying options. If you need assistance selecting the right crockery that reinforces your brand identity, along with matching accessories like cutlery, glassware and napkins, we can help. 

You can view our crockery range online or visit Stanlee Hospitality Supplies showroom at 79 Walters Drive, Osborne Park.


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