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How Tablekraft Cutlery Became A Restaurant Favourite

Walk into any local café or restaurant and there’s a good chance you’ll be using cutlery made by Tablekraft. Designed in Australia, Tablekraft uses the finest quality stainless steel (18/10) to create modern and practical cutlery for both casual and formal dining. Plus, it’s affordable. It’s no wonder Tablekraft has become a favourite at restaurants and cafes.

Tablekraft is certainly not an overnight success – their parent company has been in the cutlery industry for almost a century. Having the backing of such an experienced manufacturer has paid off and you can see the quality workmanship and thoughtful design in every collection.

Let’s take a closer look at what defines good cutlery and how Tablekraft compares to the competition.

How is Tablekraft cutlery made?

Tablekraft cutlery on table

Tablekraft cutlery is manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced production techniques. Every process, from design to final finish, is carefully executed.

Design and Prototype 

The design process starts with the creation of a prototype. The prototype is tested and refined until the design meets the desired specifications.

Material Selection

Tablekraft uses high-grade 18/10 stainless steel for its cutlery. The steel is selected based on its corrosion and stain resistance properties.


The stainless steel is heated and shaped using a forging process. This process strengthens the steel and makes it more durable.


The forged steel is ground to create the shape of the cutlery. This process involves using high-precision grinding machines to create a smooth, uniform surface.


The cutlery is polished to a high-gloss finish. This process involves using a series of abrasive materials to smooth out the surface of the cutlery.


The individual pieces of cutlery are assembled into sets. This involves attaching handles to the cutlery blades and ensuring that the pieces fit together seamlessly.

Quality Control 

Tablekraft has a rigorous quality control process to ensure that its products meet the highest standards. This process involves inspecting the cutlery at each stage of the manufacturing process and performing final inspections before the products are dispatched.

What to look for when choosing cutlery

Tablekraft cutlery washed

You can’t judge the quality of cutlery on looks alone. On the outside, all cutlery looks shiny when new. You need to know what materials have been used and the manufacturing process. 

Types of Stainless Steel

The best quality stainless steel for cutlery is 18/10. The numbers represent the amount of chromium (18%) and nickel (10%) included in the stainless steel. Nickel gives the cutlery more of a shiny appearance while also delivering enhanced corrosion protection. 18/10 stainless steel won’t rust over its lifetime.   

18/0 is a cheaper grade of stainless steel and contains no nickel. The cutlery will feel harder and most likely lose its shine after a few washes. The omission of nickel also removes corrosion protection. 

13/0 contains less chromium and no nickel making it a harder metal. This product would be most likely to rust and would not be suitable for any establishment. 

Two Ways to Make Cutlery

Cutlery can be forged or stamped.

Forged Cutlery

Forged cutlery is a more labour-intensive process as each piece of cutlery is shaped from a single bar of steel. Forged cutlery is usually more balanced and sturdier and has the appropriate weight. 

Stamped Cutlery

Stamped or ‘pressed’ cutlery is made using a large sheet of steel. The cutlery is generally thinner and lighter. The stamping process allows for more intricate designs and more flexibility in the steel. 

When you consider the quality of materials and manufacturing process, it’s no surprise that Tablekraft is considered one of the best quality cutlery manufacturers. 

If you want to see the range of Tableware cutlery available, contact Stanlee Hospitality Supplies. Stanlee supplies Tablekraft cutlery to establishments all over Perth and Australia. 

To see the Tablekraft range in person, come and visit the store at 79 Walters Drive, Osborne Park.


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