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Essential Cleaning Supplies For Commercial Kitchens

Anyone who works in a commercial kitchen knows that it’s the engine room. If the kitchen isn’t running right – the restaurant or café will grind to a halt! Like any hard-working engine, a hard-working kitchen can get pretty dirty and grimy after a while.

To keep your commercial kitchen clean and compliant with council regulations, it’s essential that you have the right cleaning supplies. Many people don’t realise that effectively cleaning a surface is a two-step process:

  1. Remove the dirt and grime
  2. Disinfect and kill the germs 

If you’re only wiping your benches and equipment over once, you could be putting staff and customers at risk. Keep reading and we’ll cover off what essential cleaning supplies you need for your commercial kitchen and how to use them correctly.

Essential Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Before you start, make sure you have prepped yourself. This means thoroughly washing and sanitising hands or wearing disposable gloves. Your cleaning supplies’ checklist should include:

  • Detergent
  • Water
  • Cleaning cloth or disposable cloths

Remember, you must clean a surface before applying a disinfectant. If you don’t, the disinfectant will not remove the germs effectively.

Using the soapy water and disposable cloth, wipe down all the kitchen surfaces. Make sure you start with the cleanest surfaces first – this will allow you to remove the greatest possible number of germs from the kitchen.

Disinfecting Supplies

Once the surfaces have been cleaned, you can apply a disinfectant to kill off any germs. If you’re worried about the smell from the disinfectant, there are many non-hazardous disinfectants available that give off a pleasant pine aroma. 

It’s wise to use disposable cloths while applying the disinfectant to prevent any cross-contamination. You should leave the disinfectant on the surface for roughly 10 minutes (or as indicated on the packaging) and then give the surface a final wipe down, either with disposable cloths or a clean microfibre cloth.  

Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Deep Fryer

Some items in a commercial kitchen will naturally gather more dirt and grime than others, deep fryers, ovens etc. For those items, you should use a specifically designed cleaning agent. For all other kitchen products, you can use the same detergent + disinfectant method as above.

Be sure to double check what material your kitchen products are made from. Stainless steel and aluminium products are ok to clean with soapy water, but uncoated steel products may be susceptible to rust if they come into contact with liquids. 

To be sure you’re cleaning each surface with the right products – refer to the Safe Work Australia Recommended Cleaning Guide.  

Industrial Grade vs Household Grade Disinfectant

Cleaning Restaurant Floor

The biggest difference between industrial (hospital) grade and regular household disinfectant is the standards in testing. An industrial grade product must meet strict government standards for beauty, health care and allied health settings. The standard for household cleaners is much lower.

For commercial kitchens that need to clean and sanitise regularly, buying a larger quantity, commercial grade detergent and disinfectant is much more cost effective. Not only are you buying a product that has been rigorously tested for its quality and effectiveness, but you’re also getting more product for a better price. 

Now, more than ever, it’s vital that commercial kitchens are cleaned and sanitised regularly. If you’re not following the two-step ‘clean and disinfect’ process, you could be putting your staff and patrons at risk of illness. 

To find out more about keeping your commercial kitchen clean, download our free Hygiene Guide. The guide covers cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, safe food packaging and includes free printable downloads for cleaning and sanitising your hands. Stanlee Hospitality Supplies is Perth’s leading hotel and restaurant supplier and carries an extensive range of cleaning supplies for commercial kitchens. If you need advice on products or how to use them in your commercial kitchen, contact the team today.


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