The Ultimate Pizza Supplies Checklist for Restaurants & Cafes

The Ultimate Pizza Supplies Checklist for Restaurants & Cafes

Pizza Supplies Woodfired Oven

With Australia being one of the world’s highest consumers of pizza (per capita), you’d be wise to consider opening a pizzeria or adding pizza to your restaurant/café menu.

However, you’ll need to have the right kitchen equipment and pizza supplies to get things going. The supplies and equipment you purchase are crucial to you serving up perfectly baked, tasty pizzas every single time.

To help you get started, we’ve put together the ultimate pizza supplies checklist.

Pizza Supplies – Dough Maker

Pizza Supplies Dough Maker

Making pizza dough by hand works fine if you’re cooking for your family but for a commercial pizza enterprise, a dough maker or mixer is essential. If you’ll be offering both pizza and pasta in your restaurant or café, you already have a versatile piece of equipment that can handle different types of dough.

A spiral mixer can supply you with high-quality dough for your high-volume pizzeria requirements. However, if you have a smaller pizzeria or lower-volume pizza requirements, a planetary mixer with interchangeable attachments might just be the equipment you need. You can use a planetary mixer to slice, grate, grind, mix and more.

Pizza Preparation Bench

The best pizza preparation bench or table gives you ample elbow room to work on the dough. It also features refrigerated individual compartments for the freshly prepared ingredients you need, as well as bottom refrigerated storage space for keeping fresh, wholesale pizza ingredients.

Supplies for Pizza Preparation

Pizza Supplies - Pizza Peel

Wholesale pizza supplies include utensils needed for food preparation. The following items are specifically designed to make the pizza preparation process faster and more efficient:

  • Graters
  • Pizza dough dockers
  • Pizza dough scrapers
  • Pizza cutters
  • Pizza pans and trays
  • Pizza pan separators
  • Pizza screens and disks
  • Pizza pan racks and dollies for pizza dough boxes
  • Pizza stones and pizza peels

The above list only includes the more common utensils used. Be sure to choose quality brands like Lilly, so that you get a long life out of your products. You may need to add more supplies depending on your restaurant requirements.

Pizza Oven

Pizza Supplies Pizza Oven

Choosing the right pizza oven for your business will depend largely on the volume or quantity of pizza orders you expect to serve daily.

  • Low production output: For a café or restaurant with other menu options, you may project low-to-moderate pizza demand. In this case, a commercial convection pizza oven can adequately cover your low-volume pizza needs. A convection pizza oven usually features 2 to 5 racks per chamber (a rack can fit one or two 16-inch pizzas) and takes around 5 to 10 minutes to cook a pizza completely.
  • Medium production output: For medium-range production needs, you can choose between a pizza deck oven and a brick oven. A pizza deck oven usually has 1 to 6 decks, which can hold 4 to 6 pizzas each, and cook a pizza within 6 to 8 minutes. A typical brick wood fired or gas oven can hold up to 10 pizzas at a time. With the right temperature for the type of pizza, a brick oven can cook a pizza completely in about 5 minutes or less.
  • High or heavy production output: If you expect to churn out hundreds of pizzas per day, a conveyor oven would be the most appropriate choice. With a continuous cooking platform and constant heating elements, a conveyor oven will keep cooking pizzas in as little as 4 to 5 minutes.

Of course, you also need to purchase pizza oven supplies in Perth, such as a pizza pan gripper for deep-dish pizzas, a pizza bubble popper, oven brush, rake, ash shovel and so on. The type of pizza oven supplies you’ll need will also depend on the pizza oven you choose.

Serving Boards and Takeaway Boxes

Pizza Supplies Serving Boards

Whether your patrons are dining in or purchasing pizza for takeaway, you also need to present your pizza in a simple yet attractive way. There are various serving board designs you can choose from to do justice to your pizza servings. Takeaway boxes need to be branded (of course) and be sturdy enough to hold the pizza until it’s ready to be enjoyed at home.

There may be other commercial pizza supplies tools and equipment you need, but this list will get your pizza business off to a flying start.  

If you need help sourcing quality pizza supplies in Perth, contact the team at Stanlee Hospitality Supplies. Stanlee is Perth’s premier pizza equipment supplier and has a huge range of cooking, servingware and utensils. Call into the showroom or order via the online store.  


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